Puppy Suddenly Afraid of Reflection

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I have a 7-month old Boxer/Pitbull mix that has all of a sudden become afraid of his reflection in a large mirror that I have. Context: my puppy has a fantastic disposition (super friendly to people, dogs, cats, birds, you name it). In the past (around 3-4 months) he notified his reflection in this mirror and would try to interact with it: paw at the mirror, bow in front of it, lick it, and just stare at it.

As of three days ago, he started barking at the mirror with the hairs on his back stood up. He even shows his teeth and will run to find me then take me to the mirror where he will resume barking. I’ve also noticed that he has become afraid of fluttering objects: flags, plastic bags rolling across the side walk toward us, and even sign posts.

Is there a second fear stage involved? Is this normal?

Last time this happened, I introduced him to a garbage back and let him watch me handle it then let him sniff and eventually play with it. Seemed to have worked but idk what’s going on now.

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