Puppy stealing older dog’s treats

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We got our 14 week old collie last Saturday. We have a 10 year old collie. The little one has been very greedy and I'm unsure how to deal with some of it. Our older dog is very laid back and doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. The little one is getting no negative feedback from him even when she is being an absolute brat.

She will try to eat his food. For this we pick her up and take her outside so he can have his dinner in peace. Trickier behaviour is if they both get a treat, say a bully stick, she will steal his after she has finished hers. She will steal his stuffed kong even when she has her own. She steals cookies out of his mouth.

Neither dog is food aggressive. I can take food out of their mouth, although the little one runs after she has stolen a treat.

How should I deal with this? Or should I let it be? I feel bad for our sweet, dopey older guy.

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