Puppy slept in our bed while on vacation. Are we doomed to have her in bed forever?

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We brought our 17 week old cocker spaniel mix on vacation to a rental house for 3 nights. (Going home tomorrow). Her regular crate is quite large and would not fit in our car with everything else we needed to bring. But we have a cloth travel enclosed pen that fits her bed in it quite cozily. Each night she fell asleep in her pen right next to my bed. (Her crate is next to my bed at home). But in the middle of each night she woke up scared and crying carrying on. It’s a lot darker here at night then at home and there are a lot of unknown smells. So we decidedly sleepily to let her on our bed.

Will she go back to her usual routine once we get home? She loves her crate at home and never had a problem sleeping in it since the first night we had her. Or will she cry to be in bed with us?

I should note that she takes naps in her travel pen very frequently when we take her places which is why we thought it was be suitable as an over night crate substitute.

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