Puppy sleep help! Treats in crate at night?

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Hello all! This is my first ever Reddit post, so forgive me if I do this wrong 🙂

We got our 8 week old puppy on Friday, and our first night with her wasn’t too bad! We have a crate for her to sleep in, and she went in and settled down with no problem. She whined a little bit when we were out of view, so I sat next to her and gave her “treats” (bits of kibble) whenever she was quiet. She went to sleep fairly quickly and woke twice in the middle of the night, so I took her outside to potty. Both times she whined when getting back in the crate, so I followed the same protocol of treating her when she got quiet, and she fell back asleep relatively quickly both times.

But last night was a different story! We worked on naps in the crate all day, and as long as I am sitting by her as she’s settling to go to sleep, she does pretty well. I give treats when she settles, and she seems to understand that quiet=treat. But I’m worried that this isn’t the best option for the middle of the night. She woke up whining almost every hour last night, and because I am giving her kibble to encourage calm in the crate, I was worried maybe she needed to poop (I read that you should cut off food and water after 8:00 for this reason, but I’ve also read that you should treat good behavior in the crate!) I probably took her outside more than I should have because I was worried she needed to use the bathroom. She did go potty every time I took her out, but I’m worried I’m creating a situation where she knows if she whines she gets to go outside. She settled back to sleep pretty quickly as long as I’m sitting by her, but what do I do when she wakes up whining an hour after she’s just been outside? And should I stop giving her food as a treat for being calm in her crate?

ALSO- is it normal that she can only handle being awake for about an hour or so at a time during the day? And how can I keep her awake for a good chunk of time before bedtime to encourage longer stretches of sleep at night?

Thanks so much for any advice!

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