Puppy Shark Mode is getting out of hand

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I have been having an awful time trying to train my puppy not to bite me and my roommates. I have a 15 week old golden retriever and he is just not understanding that teeth out means I’m out. I have tried all the tricks – getting him focused on a toy instead, yelping (that did the OPPOSITE), walking away, completely stopping play time by putting him in his crate with his kong. If I walk away, he thinks I’m playing and bites my butt or bites my pants/ankles. The only thing I can do to get him to stop is throw a treat away from me and exit the area. He has also started to growl while he does it as if I am a toy. One time he even bit my arm and thrashed it around like it was a play thing. I am at my wits end. Other than the biting he is an amazing pup but when he is in puppy shark mode… he’s MEAN. It has also started evolve into him biting and growling at me for attention, not just while we are playing. If I’m watching tv and giving him a bone to chew on just to relax, he will come up and bite my leg or toes so I will play with him (I don’t play with him, instead I leave the room). Is there anything that is suggested that I have not tried? A lot of times this happens outside or if he is in “zoomies” mode but like I said it also happens when he is bored. I try my hardest to give him stimulation throughout the day. We take 2 walks, I play with him quite a lot throughout and he has loads of puzzle toys. I even hide food around the room he stays in while I’m at work so he has something to keep his mind occupied. Please. Help.

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