Puppy separation anxiety maybe?

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My 5 month old puppy is acting strangely lately. We've had her for 5 weeks, adopted from the shelter. Gsd mix breed (dunno what she's mixed with.)

So my husband works nights 5 days a week and is home the other two days. I stay at home. Puppy slept in our bed since night one. Never had any issues. She never woke us up to pee, but the first week we woke her up and took her at 3am every night until we just tested to see, and she sleeps through the night with us now (or me when he works) with no issue or potty times. My husband only sleeps with us 2 days a week.

But this last week, my husband changed his day off for another day so it wasn't two days in a row like usual, and she's been so strange at night now. It will be just me and her in bed and as soon as I turn off the light she cries and gets off the bed and scratches the door. I took her out and she didn't go potty. Brought her back up, she was cozy in bed, I turned off the light, and she got off the bed and scratched the door. I had to start putting her in the kennel overnight and she doesn't make a peep. I don't get it, I think she misses him? But she's also fine in bed while I brush my teeth or lay around for awhile, until I kill the light. It's so weird. I don't want her to sleep in the kennel! But when my husband is home, she doesn't do it! She just sleeps in bed like she used to.

But tonight was even weirder. She chased the cat, and my husband scolded her and made her lay in time out on her bed. He immediately went to work while she was still "in time out." When she got up finally she came and basically was apologizing. She laid her head on me and then literally hugged me. She made me rub her forever, it was so sad. Then she got her favorite stuffy and was walking around the house with it in her mouth, whining occasionally. She went to the front door and rang her potty bell. I took her out back and she didn't go potty. We came back in and she just laid by the front door. I couldn't get her to come away.

I went in the guest room where my husband and her napped yesterday (door was shut beforehand) and she jumped on to the bed, sniffed like crazy, laid down, and was making the saddest face ever and would not budge. Like she dead weighted when I tried to physically remove her.

She usually does apologize when she's scolded and I think she was either missing him or sad that she didn't get love after her scold. He feels terrible and is ready to come shower her with love when he gets off work.

But anyways, I think these two behaviors are so weird, but both related to her being sad when he's gone. What do I do??! I give her way more treats than him so kinda annoyed I'm not the favorite. I even gave her a chicken nugget tonight.

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