Puppy reluctant to chew hard food

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Hi all, I noticed in the past day or so that my pup is a little reluctant to chew on hard food. I feed him Merrick's puppy blend, which has freeze dried raw chicken. It's light and airy but a little hard when dry. My pup loves these, and he will usually go for these chunks of chicken first before his kibble, and he still does. But he'll mouth around it for a few seconds and then just drop or ignore it unless I redirect him to eat it. After a minute or two of being convinced and mouthing the chicken, he will chew it up and eat it. It's just he usually wolfs down those pieces. He also seems a little shy to eat his kibble, although he's never been very crazy over his food in general unless it's treats. He's eating slightly less than normal, though his appetite is in tact. I'm wondering if he has some kind of mouth or teeth injury?

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