Puppy Potty Issues

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My puppy is 8 weeks old and I’m worried there’s something wrong with her. I’ve had her for a bit less than 2 weeks at this point and since I got her she’s always seemed to drink more water than you’d expect. She’s a GSD, about 10 pounds weight, and she drinks at least 3 cups of water per day, if not more. It seems every 5-10 minutes she’s at her bowl taking a fairly significant drink. Especially when she’s playing or otherwise excited.

However, today this escalated. She’s still drinking the same amount, but she has completely reverted any potty training progress. She was doing pretty good the last few days. As in letting us know she needed to go out and having just a couple accidents on the house.

Today, though, she is peeing at least once every 10 minutes. Sometimes when she tries to pee, nothing comes out. It’s like she’s peeing the instant she has the urge with no warning whatsoever and sometimes she’s getting the urge even though there’s nothing there. But up until today there were either obvious signs she needed to go out, or we caught it on our normal hourly trips outside, or she’d even let us know by going to the door sometimes. It really felt like we were making some progress. Today it feels like she absolutely has zero bladder control and that there’s something wrong.

Outside of the peeing, she seems like a normal puppy. She’s eating all of her food, she’s very playful (to the point of practically wearing me out haha), and she doesn’t seem scared or nervous about anything.

I have an appointment with the vet for tomorrow. The trip tomorrow was scheduled awhile ago with the intent to get her shots, dewormed and chipped. I definitely intend to bring this up with the vet. But for tonight I’m extremely worried about her.

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