Puppy pooped in crate

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Guys I feel like the worst dog owner ever and I needed to vent/share.

My 8 week mini goldendoodle (got him Saturday) pooped in his crate. He has been doing SO WELL with the crate and pottying outside and last night, I was exhausted. I feel absolutely awful as I slept through an alarm last night to take him out. I’ve spent the last hour cleaning and then enzyme spraying to ensure there is no smell left and am laundrying all bedding. I’m so worried that I’ve broken him! Besides the cleaning and obviously increasing potty breaks, is there anything else I can do?

I’m sure I’m just being an anxious owner but has this happened to anyone else? Where you make a mistake and then puppy makes a mistake? I feel so bad I don’t want to set him up for failure!

Please share stories if you have any as I need to know I’m not the worst!

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