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I got a Pom puppy a few weeks ago as a sister to our current dog. They mostly do well together as long as I keep bones out of their common area. There have not been any sort of scuffles or anything but our puppy seems to play too rough with our older dog. I’ve only ever seen him do gentle corrections that the puppy mostly ignores. But the pup will body check him (she is much smaller so I think this was her way of leveling the playing field), nips at his ankles and bites his neck. She also growls aggressively at him when they are playing and she gets too worked up. When she becomes too much for him, he will get out of her reach and stop playing with her. I gave them time to try to sort it out themselves, but I feel like she is not learning proper playing from our older dog so I’ve started to intervene. The problem is that I’m not sure of the proper way to do this.

I’m trying a few things and the first thing I started with was to try to redirect. But she only stays distracted for a few seconds and goes right back to being rude to the older dog. Another tactic in trying is when I see her getting rough, I say “time out!” And put her in her play pen by herself until she calms down. Sometimes she starts whining but once she’s quiet for about 30 sec I let her back out. I’m also putting her in doggy day care for a couple days a week for half days to give the older dog a break, give my mom time without having to watch the puppy while I’m at work, and to get her socialized with other dogs. She’s also starting puppy kindergarten next week. The daycare and obedience classes haven’t been done enough to see any difference yet, but the other options I’ve tried don’t seem to help. What else can I do? Am I not using the right tactics or am I using them incorrectly?

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