Puppy only wants to chew my shoes?

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I have a 4mo old goldendoodle. She is learning pretty quickly not to chew the table, the carpet, our mats, clothes etc., but I cannot get her to stop chewing my sneakers. She doesn't have any interest in chewing anyone else's shoes and she's always loved mine. She sits on my shoes when I'm wearing them and licks them all the time. She likes to sleep on them when I'm wearing them too. When she was very little, I let her mouth them and I'll admit the shoe was about the same size as her originally so we laughed whenever she grabbed them and chewed on them, especially since she couldn't fit any part of the shoe in her mouth.

Originally I kept them in the closet away from her, but now that she's older, I'm trying to teach her not to chew them even when they're out. Whenever she looks at them, I lure her away with a treat or a game. If she has it, I firmly (without tugging etc) take it away and distract her, but she's ALWAYS chewing them! She clearly knows she shouldn't be, because she sneaks off really quietly when she knows we're busy to grab them and bring them back to her bed and chew and she runs away when we figure out she has them. Any ideas?

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