Puppy not eating, help! Worried about my pup’s health!

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Hi all,

I'm a new mom to a 12 week old Yorkie, I got her on Saturday (21st March)

She was eating the last 2 days but suddenly stopped eating today. Although i do feel that she isn't eating as much as she should her age. She was not eating what the pet shop recommended I feed her (BARF puppy freeze dried food), they told me to add water and mash it up and that when she was with them (2 days in total), she ate 1 to 1.5 pieces of it 2 meals a day.

When I got her, she did not want to eat so I got her some minced beef, steamed it and mixed in BARF for her. She ate a little but avoided the BARF.

Next couple of meals she did the same but never finished most of it. She pooped 2 times so far, 1st was on the 22nd (really hard poop) and today (4 hours ago)was normal moist poop.

Yesterday, I fed her some of her BARF food midday but without water and she ate 3/4 of it. She ate some beef at night.

And today! She ate 2 very small beef pieces and that's about it. I also introduced treats to her yesterday and fed her 2 small pieces today as she did well and peed where she should have.

She has not eaten anything substantial aside from the snack since she woke up about 8 hours ago.

I'm a very worried mom because pups are meant to eat the most now. The last couple days was okay but definitely lesser than what is recommended.

Help!! Could it be the snacks? Or that she is not feeling well? Worried about her health. She's still playing and sleeping fine.

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