Puppy needs to poop twice in the morning?

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My puppy is now 6.5 months old. She used to poop once during morning walk, then sometimes once around lunch time (she didn't always need to poop), then once during evening walk. She gets at least one pee break between each walk. She eats right after her morning and evening walks.

We started to change her food last week, now still mixing with old food. Same brand, pretty much the same ingredients, but from puppy food to all life stage food. Now she whines to go out and poop within half an hour of her breakfast, which is also within half an hour of her last poop. It does not matter how long we walk her during morning walk, she just poops once and that's it. She can go on and off whining for hours if I don't take her for a poop break. This does not happen after her dinner.

Could it be her food? It is just weird that she needs to poop again so soon after her morning poop. Could she actually digest her breakfast so fast?

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