Puppy knows the pee and poop areas but still goes on the lawn.

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I have a 10 week old chocolate lab puppy who is doing very well with his potty training. Less accidents in the house and making it through the night.

However, we are having trouble with him still peeing all over the lawn instead of in the mulch-y areas outlining our fence, where we would prefer him to go. He is good about pooping along the edges of the yard but has also slowly been more comfortable pooping further into the grass area as well.

When we first brought him home we made the mistake of making the potty area far away from our door. So he could wait if we carried him. But now he’s older and 22 pounds so he is able to walk out with us and started to pee in the lawn before the actual potty area.

I have since created a new pee spot for him closer to the door but he only seems to use it when I first let him out or with a treat enticing him.

Is this something he will get better at with age? We don’t have a lot of woods in our neighborhood and I was really trying to avoid having a pee/poop covered yard.

It should be noted that we have been letting him follow us out without a leash. Is this something we should be more strict about and use a leash or will be eventually mature more and know where he should be going? Any advice is appreciated.

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