Puppy keeps jumping over baby gate?

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I have an 8 month old shepherd mix puppy who keeps jumping over my baby gate. I moved to Arizona 1 1/2 years ago and at the time had just my husky so of course I had a dog door installed for when the weather was too extreme for him. This has worked out fine. However, I got my shepherd puppy in July 2018, everything was all well and good till about 2 months ago when he started being destructive: getting in my trash, tearing up non edible trash, taking things like my shoes and taking them to the yard to chew. I would come home to a lot of stuff to pick up and clean. So npt only is a pain to clean up trash and worry about my stuff being destroyed but I also worry about him eating something that'll make him sick from the trash. I tried one of those wooden expandable baby gate but of course it was too flimsy and he would either knock it down or move it to the side (even when I tried to reinforce it with chairs and such). So I got like a $100 baby gate with a gate that opens and is expandable and it metal. However he can jump it and no matter how I put it up because it has different part it kind of bends so if pushed enough the door will just open. At this point I'm just going to keep my dog door closed when I'm not home which is fine right now because I'm going during the day so it's not that cold. Summer will becoming and I do want to be prepared because I can't leave them outside while I'm at work with no ability to go inside. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can put up?

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