Puppy jumping on people

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Hi, I have a problem with our (almost) 5mo GSD/Golden Retriever cross puppy. She is doing all over very well, there is just one thing that bothers us quite a lot. She is jumping at people to say hello. It's just friendly, but obviously we don't want that as she is getting really big and some day she will knock someone over.

We take her to dog park every day where she is off lead, her recall is really good, except for when she sees a person she likes, then recall is out of window,she runs and jumps on them.

Does anyone have any experience or tips how to stop that? I know she is young and excited,but being 18 kg already,we don't want her to hurt anyone. We are trying to reward good behaviour when she won't jump and are not letting her jump on us either,which she understands and do very rarely now.

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