Puppy is incredibly jealous over older dog getting any attention

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We have a five month old lab mix, Roxy. So far she’s been a dream for the most part. Our biggest problem we’re running into, however, is how she behaves with my in-laws’ senior shepherd mix, Lady.

My in-laws live next door to us and we share a backyard. The two dogs get along well for the most part. They’ll sit and lounge in the grass, or Roxy will follow the Lady around exploring, and every once in a while Lady will even let Roxy play with her.

Now here’s the problem. Whenever anyone else is out there in the backyard with them, our puppy has a tendency to go a little crazy. If anyone tries to pet the older dog, our puppy will immediately butt in and start jumping all over the older dog, instigating a reaction. It’s clear that the puppy is play fighting, but also clear that the older dog is really annoyed when this happens. She’s completely fine and uninterested in Lady usually, until someone pats Lady on the head or something.

Additionally, our puppy also gets really jealous over treats. We can give both of them a treat at the same time, and Roxy will drop hers and run over to take Lady’s out of her mouth. Lady is just so old and mostly well-mannered, she doesn’t even do anything. We’ve tried holding Roxy back and feeding Lady her treat first, but Roxy will absolutely LOSE IT likes she’s being tortured. So now we feed them treats separately, with Roxy kept inside, but it would be really nice to be able to slip them treats while doing work in the backyard without worrying about fairness and Roxy being a bully.

Is there anything we can do to get our puppy to stop doing everything in her power to keep attention from the older dog?

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