Puppy is aggressive towards toddler

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Hi all! I have an almost 12 week old puppy named Holly. She is an australian/german shepherd rescue we got from the shelter around 8 weeks old.

She's a wonderful puppy so far, but recently she has been showing quite a bit of aggression. She resource guards so we have been working on a protocol for that but we have an 18 month old toddler that she has been aggressive with as well. She likes to play and love on the toddler when she approaches him first but anytime he even walks near her she growls and lunges to bite him. She has managed to bite him in this manner once before and didn't draw blood but did leave teeth marks.

She has a crate and a bed that are entirely hers and the toddler is never allowed on or in them so that she has safe spaces to retreat to. Additionally, the two of them are never left alone unsupervised and generally the toddler is a little wary of her so doesn't often approach her to pet her, she typically does this when he's just walking past. Its worth noting that she has done this to my husband and I as well, and has bit me once that caused me to bleed, but overall she does it less frequently to us.

I'm just quite nervous about this aggression and hoping someone here can offer guidance. We take her to petsmart training classes but the trainer there doesn't seem to have any advice for this.

Puppy tax of course! http://imgur.com/a/GKXPXPr

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