puppy interacting with senior dog

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Hi all, I have a wonderful 11.5 week old catahoula mix (Atlas) who has been with us almost a month and a lab/mastiff mix who turned ten on Sunday (Olympia). Olympia is a dreamboat of a dog that I rescued from the county shelter around a year ago. Truly the perfect dog minus the time she ate my bag of turkey jerky while I was at work (though I respond the same way to jerky, so who can blame her). In general, she has been phenomenal with the puppy. She's been good about helping train him in dog social cues and behavior, and it's been great to see the extra pep in her step since bringing the baby home. She'll show her teeth and growl when he's getting in her face or trying to crawl all over her–always appropriate warnings–and he is very receptive to them for the most part (he is a puppy, after all). However, she's recently started growling/showing her teeth when we all go into the bedroom together and even sometimes when she's laying in the hallway by the bedroom door and I'm calling him for nap time. She lets him through, but she lets him know she's not happy about it.

She has her own bed and gets the option to sleep with me (senior dog privileges). Atlas always sleeps in the crate and is not even allowed on the bed because I want her to have spaces that she doesn't have to share with him. Same for the couch at this point. I try to be really intentional about spending positive time with them together as well as independently because I know going from being an only dog to having a cute but annoying puppy living with you is a bummer!

My question is: is this all part of her training him to respect the space and something I can continue to let play out or do I need to nip it in the bud? I don't want to discourage good warnings or helpful lessons, but I also don't want to encourage any possessiveness that will be problematic later.

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