Puppy Help: 14 week old pomsky issues potty training and growling

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Hey, guys! I just got a 14 week old pomsky who was raised (kind of) on a farm. We have had her for about a week and a half. We take her out several times a day but she likes to go outside, not potty, then come inside and potty on the hard wood floor..

We take her outside on a short leash to the same spot where her poop is, we even put a pen up to prevent distractions. We don’t talk to her unless she goes potty. She just wants to eat grass/leaves or play.

Ive tried to clean the floor with Resolve to get rid of the smell. I have bells on the door but she isn’t really using them even though we make her ding it before we go out every time. She had only two pee accidents yesterday but it snowed hard and she has had several accidents today. I think she only went outside in the morning and two other times today.. She just thinks outside is for play and inside is for potty. Advice?

She was very sweet the first couple days and was very attached to me(25F). She generally is good, quiet, and never aggressive. She barely ever barks. Anyways, she will occasionally dig somewhere she shouldn’t or try to eat my chairs, so I tell her “no” and pick her up. Now sometimes when I pick her up, she will growl and do that -for lack of better words- psycho, frenzy chihuahua bark. How do I get her to stop doing that with me? She won’t do it to my boyfriend. She did it to my mom while she was holding her – right after she was being sweet and licking her. I’ve only really raised cats before so I’m not sure what to do? I try to just keep holding her till she calms down and tell her “no” or “shhhhh, it’s okay”

Any advice is appreciated. I’ve been super stressed and I’m worried that I’m doing everything wrong.

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