Puppy has littermate syndrome

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My 18 week old cocker spaniel pup has littermate syndrome. She's very confident around her 1 year old brother, but very fearful when he's not there. When she's with one of her human parents she's happy, but a bit shy. However is very fearful around new people and dogs. If I coax her she'll say hi to new people/dogs, and once she's had an introduction she'll act like a normal puppy. I'm trying to seperate them more. However our older boy being stressed when he's alone, so most days the only option I have is to leave them home together. My plan so far is to slowly move their crates further apart, have them eat out of sight, and walk them seperately. Any other tips you guys have to improve her confidence? When I take her to work I give the customers treats to give her. However I really need to tell people to her her sniff them first, everyone just assumes they can go in for the pat which freaks her out. Any tips? Or anything you did which you found helped? Ideas on how I can have both dogs happy while seperated? Should I get her to sleep in my room while my big boy stays in his crate in the living room?

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