Puppy has completely regressed on potty training- need advice

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We have a 13 week old Aussie, and until about 2 days ago, I thought she was mostly potty-trained. She would go to the door and whine to go out, or paw at the door to get your attention. I even bought a new rug because I had pretty high confidence in her. Since then though, she’s had more accidents in the last 2 days than in the entire 6ish weeks we’ve had her.

She won’t poop in the house (which might just be luck since we’ve been taking her out so often now), but now she will just pee wherever she wants and never goes to the door. Yesterday, we took her out twice in half an hour (she didn’t ask to go out, we were just trying to be proactive), and she didn’t go either time but within 5 minutes of being inside after the second time she peed on the floor.

However, she sleeps all night in her crate and doesn’t have any accidents in there. The second we let her out this morning though we were walking her to the door to go out and she peed on the floor.

She’s running around, playing, eating, and drinking fine so I don’t think it’s necessarily health-related as much as it is behavioral. Every time she pees it’s a full amount, not little drops like you’d expect with a UTI. Of course if this doesn’t improve we’ll contact the vet, I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues?

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