Puppy goes Rambo when we play with our older dog.

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Last week I posted about our 4 months old border collie puppy (male) bullying our 5 year old Bischon Frise (female).

Whenever we play with our older dog, our BC puppy goes ballistic and turns seriously aggressive. I read that we should try to get him to calm down and give him treats when he does calm down, but whenever we get close to show him a treat he lunges and bites. It's gotten to the point that he is drawing blood (to both us and our older dog), and our older dog is living in constant fear.

We took the advice on keeping them separated for the most part, but nothing has changed. It seems that he is getting more aggressive every day, even though we are training with positive reinforcement.

We know that it is common that the older dog will get depressed if we give it less attention that the puppy, but it is just impossible at the moment with the way he acts.

He is crate trained and doesn't mind his crate. However, we will bark nonstop if he even hears us playing with her in another room while he is in his crate.

What else can we do? We are at our wits end… We just want all of us to be able to coexist peacefully with the new pup.

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