Puppy goes in biting frenzy during walk

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I have a 17 week Boston terrier, who has been and amazing walker until 15 weeks( loose leash, looks up at me every 5 seconds)

For the past week and a bit his walking ability has been progressively getting worse, to the point now where when I say "let's go" he completely ignores me and just smells everything and goes in random directions pulling on the leash, and once he feels tension he gets in a frenzy of lunging at me, biting me hard, and growling viciously.

I used to feed him some treats or kibble everytime he looked up on a walk, but now he won't even eat treas in the rare occasion he does look up, he just smells it and walks away. I have tried toys but that just works him up into another frenzy.

Something to note is if we are training outside or inside , like doing puppy push ups he is usually very obedient and eager for food. It's only as soon as we start moving he completely changes.

We having been walking to same path since 10 weeks, so he is not seeing or smelling anything new, so I don't think he is over sensory threshold.

This change in behaviour is so sudden , is this adolescence already at 4 months ? Or is something more serious where I should call a behavioralist ?

If anyone has faced this situation before, how do I get my puppy to start walking with me again ?

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