Puppy gets EXTREMELY aggressive when restrained, redirecting or ignoring isn’t working, and I’m not strong enough to hold her down when she tries to draw blood. Please educate me.

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I have a 10 week old female German Shepherd mix (vet thinks she has some Australian Shepherd in her too). Recently, she has gotten overly aggressive whenever we "restrain" her in any way she doesn't like. It can be as simple as picking her up or putting a leash on. We have had her for about 4 weeks.

When I say overly aggressive, I'm talking growling, screaming, showing all teeth, thrashing her whole body, biting so hard it nearly draws blood, going completely hyper nuts and acting like she is very angry. Giving her toys to redirect doesn't work. I can't pick her up because she will make me bleed and she will thrash until I drop her. I'm not strong enough to restrain her when she gets like that so I can't put her in her pen to cool down. I have no idea what to do without reinforcing the behavior.

We really do try to exercise her a ton– she gets 4 walks, an hour of play/exercise time, and some training time every day, and we have bought plenty of chew toys/puzzles to keep her mind occupied. We've tried ignoring her when she starts biting to signal "playtime over", but she doesn't care and will either keep biting our legs or will go run off and cause trouble as fast as she can elsewhere. She has a tendency to eat every rock, piece of mulch, or clod of dirt she can find and run away so she can eat it, and it's problematic when I try to get something dangerous out of her mouth and she starts going into hyper-angry mode.

Because I've "lost" a couple times at restraining her when she gets into this state, I'm afraid I've already reinforced it and taught her that if she struggles enough, she wins. I'm just confused, because most of the time she's a great pup and is very smart and as obedient as a 10 week puppy can be, but when she gets into this state of mind, it's like she's a completely different dog.

I'm still pretty new to teaching puppies, and I'd love to be educated about the proper way to deal with this. Thank you in advance!

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