Puppy forgets housetraining after each vet visit

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Needing a bit of guidance on my 17 week old puppy. He’s nearly housetrained and hasn’t had an accident for 2 weeks until today. We’ve noticed that after each vet visit, he seems to forget that he needs to use the pee pads or that he should relieve himself outside when we do take him out. He also makes no indication that he needs to pee and just does it on our hardwood with no fuss. He still poops on the pee pad, so that’s a plus. But he went to the vet yesterday, healthy pup but has anxiety with needles, and then today, once in the afternoon and evening, he just peed straight on the hardwood even though the pee pads were just a foot away from him. Is this something that anyone has had an issue with and can provide advice on? Greatly appreciate it.

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