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My 10 week old puppy, Sid, jumped out of my arms while I was carrying him 3 days ago.

He landed on the floor on the upper half of his body and while it happened so quick, I remember his legs overextending more than I would think would be normal. When he fell, he cried out for around 30 seconds to a minute before we got him calmed down.

The next day, he was a bit lethargic and seemed to want to sleep more than normal. However, later that day, he awoke and resumed normal behavior. Energetic, eating normally, ect. We checked him all over and he didn't seem to be experiencing any pain.

The past two days, he has been a bit more reluctant for me to pick him up and sometimes yelps briefly when I do. It doesn't last and when I try to figure out where it was hurting, he stops and doesn't seem to mind me touching anywhere.

Would it be safe to assume that he may have a sprain or could there be something more serious going on that I can't identify? Other than the yelping when being picked up, he is acting normal. No eating issues and he is still very playful.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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