Puppy eats grout?

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Of all of the puppy training troubles I anticipated, this was not on the list! Our puppy (4 month lab mix) scratches and eats the grout in between the tile.

Our entire apartment is tile. The whole thing. For the most part, it's great because its made potty training cleanup SO much easier. But I'm a little weirded out by this. Why would he want to eat grout?

I know people will say that he is bored. But he gets 2 daily walks, and playtime romps with me midday. I'm doing trick training with him too. He has toys and chewy bones galore, I swap them out every once in a while so he doesnt grow tired of them. But if I dont keep an eye on him he will sneak off to a corner and scratch up the grout. I've used bitter apple which helps, but unfortunately it would be pretty expensive to mop the whole apartment with it 😂

Should I be concerned for his health doing this? Anyone else's puppy do this? I anticipated him trying to chew the furniture, but not eat the literal floor! 😂

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