Puppy doesn’t like walks?

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My White Swiss Shepherd does't seem to like her regular walks. She's 9 weeks old and we're trying to house train her, so I take her out every ~2h. The problem is once she's done with her business she doesn't want to move and wants to go back – this becomes a problem when she doens't even wan to go but wants to back immidietely. I have to do everything in my power to get her to walk for just a little bit until she does her thing instead of going back and doing it at home.
I've read a little and I don't think she's scared of anything outside, she's rather brave, her collar isn't too tight and doesn't really have a problem with doing it on the grass, it's just getting her to stay outside long enough is tough. I also don't want the walks to be too long (since she has so many of them each day) but they get longer coz she doesn't want to move for the most part of it.

Any tips?

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