Puppy does not show affection or interest

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We've had our German Shepherd puppy for 2 weeks now; she's 10 weeks old. We're almost done with our 2 week vacation to start training our puppy and getting her used to our house and all the other normal things.

I feel like we've gotten nothing back from it. She doesn't show any affection towards us. In only some cases we can make her sit, lay down, or even acknowledge her name when we say it. Playing is hard because she doesn't interact much apart from biting everything within reach. Training her with treats is hard because she usually isn't interested in any treats we try.

It feels like we've been saying "No" for 2 weeks now and that's about it. It gets tiring…

On the other hand she has almost no trouble sleeping in her crate, or being left alone for a bit. This is very positive for us, but it seems a bit weird for such a young puppy.

I'd love to get some tips on what we can try to have a better time. Both us and our puppy.

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