Puppy desperately wants to befriend my cat

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I have an 11 week old female Bullmastiff and a 3 year old female Calico. My puppy just wants to be friends and play with the kitty but my cat is not amused. She sees puppy's play as too exuberant and annoying….I dont blame her, the puppy is twice her weight already and likes to play "chase" (with anyone even the kids and us). Puppy means well but is pissing my cat off. Luckily the cat isnt afraid and when puppy doesnt have the zoomies they can typically walk by each other with a sniff. This is only happening when puppy is in a playful mood, which is only a couple times a day. The cat is getting her point across by hissing and batting at the puppy (my cat is declawed so no one is getting hurt)….but unam wondering what I can do to help facilitate more friendly encounters? I suppose I could keep them separate when puppy is playful but I would like her to just respect the cat's boundries.

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