Puppy crying whenever physically separated from us, even in the same room

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Hello Reddit, my girlfriend and I need your help. Three days ago, we got a beautiful white siberian Husky puppy. He's 8 weeks old and is generally a good boy except for one thing:

if he can't be physically right next to one of us (as in touching or close enough) he will start crying.

He plays and walks fine outside but when at home, trying to just sit down on the sofa would make him start crying because he's too small to jump on the sofa. Him being in his crate will make him cry and scratch at the crate even if i sit next to the crate. Sleeping is impossible if we don't put him on the bed with us, which is fine while he's still small but we don't want this to be a learned behaviour. Baths and showers as the same, even if he's in the bathroom with me. Ignoring his cries doesn't work and he eventually switches into panic mode and we don't want him to hurt himself.

We would be very grateful for any helpful tips as it's 6:50 AM here and we've barely slept.

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