Puppy crying and howling in pen

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I’ve had my 8-week old border collie for five days now. She is a dream inside the crate at night – sleeps through the night, no crying. I’ve been slowly introducing her to the ex-pen outside (about 2 metres in diameter). She’s happy to be in there with the door open, but will cry loudly and howl if the door is closed, whether I am within sight or not. I’ve tried to make it positive for her – playing tug inside the pen, hiding bits of hotdog. She’s currently in there with an assortment of toys, a box with a towel to hide in, fresh water and a juicy bone to chew on but the poor thing is just not happy. How long do I let the crying go on and what will happen when I have to go back to work? (She’ll have someone to check on her at midday for food and a play/walk). Please, help!

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