Puppy Crate Location?

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If you crate train, where do you keep your pup’s crate? Do you always intend to keep it there or do you have a transition plan?

Initially, I had my pup’s crate in my bedroom on the second floor for bedtime. The first night home was awful obviously but the second night and since, she never cried going into it and I could usually walk around my room as I got ready to sleep and she was fine as long as I was in view. I’d carry her down the staircase and out for a 3am pee break (too young for the big steps) then back up and in for second bedtime until morning. No crying at all.

For a good reason, (had a trusted family member pet sit for a week and she was worried about dropping my pup or falling on the steps at night), her crate was moved downstairs into the dining room, near the back door that is used for potty time. I have a nest camera and saw that she cried a bit the first few nights being alone but has since adjusted. I’m back home now. She doesn’t cry at first bedtime anymore and usually only cries for a minute or two after the 3am potty break. I continue sleeping upstairs in my room, not wanting to change her routine again. (I’ve only had her for about a month).

She seems to be okay either way, but I kind of miss her sleeping in her crate up with me in my room? Although having her downstairs next to the potty door is helpful when it’s an urgent bathroom situation and it is objectively safer in terms of me and the staircase. When she is potty trained and trusted to roam free, I do intend for her to sleep in my bed/room with me.

TLDR; Do you think having my 12 week old pup sleep alone in another room will damage/slow our bond or is it better to stay apart so she can learn that I might leave her view but I always come back? She seems comfortable either way. Trying to think of long-term side effects of either choice. Thanks!!

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