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So apollo (8 week old border collie) is coming a long way in just 2 days!! Sit, come, and his name he has pretty much learned

I also understand that he’s going to chew on things no matter what, and that’s okay! My question stems from this:

There’s a few places in the house that he seems to REALLY want to chew, and seems to know I don’t want him to. I try to preemptively prohibit bad behavior, but he’s just learned to try and outrun me to get under the table to chew the legs, which I’m sure he finds as a fun game.

I try to distract with a toy, or a treat to bring his attention away from furniture chewing, but no matter how many time I do, or how long he’s distracted, he keeps going back to those chewing spots

Which as I’m typing this he’s learning to try spots I can’t reach, and I literally can’t take my eyes off of him to do anything unless he’s in his play pen, or kennel

I could distract him for 5+ minutes, but as soon as I look away, he bolts to the leg of the table, or the couch, even with chew toys, and puppy chew treats available, and repeat, and no matter how long I distract, or with what reward, he keeps chewing it

After having to put him in his playpen he gets frustrated and starts digging the carpet, and tearing up his bed, it seems like he’s angry, and I know that’s really bad habits and behavior, so how do I stop it, and prevent more of it?

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