Puppy chewed skirting boards overnight and I feel like we’ve let her down.

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Our now 6 month old lab has been sleeping in the utility crate free for the last couple of weeks without a problem. This morning we came down and she's chewed on the skirting boards, door frame and wall which is something she has never done before. She had plenty of chew toys in there with her but in hindsight we should have put her in the play pen overnight. She still has 2 baby canines, one of which has started wobbling, so it's obviously making it's way out and probably hurting. We knew this last night, she was acting as if teething in the evening yet we still didn't do anything to try and help her aching gums so I feel like really, we're the ones to blame, she was only trying to soothe herself.

My OH seems to thinks she should 'know better' by now but she is still a puppy right?! Either way, she'll be spending her nights in the play pen until all her teeth are definitely through!

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