Puppy bites & tugs at my husband’s shoes, clothes constantly way more than mine. Help!!

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Hey everyone—I’ve loved being part of this sub and have learned so much since joining. I’ve posted a few times before about our pup Banner, who is now 17 weeks old!!

He’s definitely learned a lot and has gotten better in many aspects of his behavior, but one thing we cannot seem to shake is his incessant urge to bite & tug at my husband’s clothes!

He doesn’t tug or bite at my clothes/shoes nearly as often. My husband goes into work 3 days a week (works from home the other 2 days a week) but I’m spending more time with the pup throughout the days/weeks overall. So I do wonder if he just needs more time to bond with my husband? I can sit on the sofa with the pup and he’ll settle down with a chew toy next to me, but my husband tries to sit next to him and he doesn’t settle as easily/gets bitey more quickly.

So yeah. First thing in the morning after morning snuggles he’ll go into biting my husband’s slip on shoes and it just continues all day. We can’t figure out it one type of shoe gets him more riled up than another because it’s happening with ALL of his shoes. Slip-ons, lace-ups, sandals, dress/work shoes, they’re all enticing in the pup’s eyes.

With his clothes it’s also hard to tell what the deal is with my husbands vs mine. But we’re only on one income currently, and we can’t afford him constantly tearing holes in my husband’s work clothes.

We have been redirecting with toys with very little success rates. We’ve been using our ‘leave it’ and ‘drop it’ commands and rewarding with treats which helps slightly more but as soon as the treats are gone the biting resumes.

So. Where do we go from here?

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