Puppy bites older dog during play, but older dog doesn’t stop it.

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A few days ago I made this post about my puppy and older dog playing.

I’m back asking for more advice, because my puppy bites my older dog during play, and he’s drawn blood on multiple occasions. He bites my older dogs’s face, neck, and scruff, and sometimes he’ll really get a hold of her skin. This seems to be a more common thing each time they play, and he has sharp puppy teeth. This behavior really bothers me, and I feel really bad for my older dog, but my older dog doesn’t seem to mind. For her, it seems to all be a part of play. If there weren’t blood I wouldn’t be as concerned, but I’m also hoping this behavior subsides as the puppy gets older and loses his puppy teeth.

FWIW, my older dog has never been one to yelp from pain. Even accidentally stepping on her paw over the years has never made her yelp. In her 4.5 years, I can only recall one time she ever yelped, when a house guest accidentally slid a chair into her paw. She’ll knock the puppy down when they play and stand over him, but she’s never growled aggressively or told him that play time is over.

Should I do anything here, or should I let them play?

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