Puppy and cat do NOT get along

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I am at my wits end about it. When my GSD puppy catches site of my cat ONCE i need to take him away and it takes him about 15 minutes to calm down. All the while he’s running back and forth, barking, trying everything he can to get to my cat. He isn’t being aggressive, all the while he looks just really excited with his tail wagging and all that. He’s never growled. I think he’s only barking because he can’t get to the cat. They can’t be close to the same room together because my dog will smell the cat on the other side of the door and just sit there barking and sniffing the bottom of the door while the cat hisses and claws at the door. When my dog does see the cat face to face he’s pulling so hard on the leash that he could choke himself out. I’ve tried everything. Putting them on opposite sides of the door, putting my cat in a crate and dog at the other end of the room, I’ve tried letting the cat smell my pups belongings, I’ve tried putting my cat on an elevated surface to just watch the dog (this wasn’t good because when my dog tried putting his paws up my cat would hiss then my dog would bark. What am I supposed to do? I am moving in a few months so this won’t be a problem then but is the only thing I can to keep them in separate areas of the house at all times? This is strange to me because he’s never had a bad experience with a cat but just seems to really go crazy when he sees them. What do I do?

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