Puppy Aggression?

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Hey, ya’ll. I have a nearly 15 week old dachshund/terrier/poodle mix, but she’s almost all terrier, I swear. She does not have all her shots yet so she’s only been able to socialize with her brother and litter mate. My parents have my pup’s brother, so that’s been awesome. We have been getting together for puppy play dates, and I’m getting a little concerned. My puppy, Millie, is very dominant over her brother. Monty is the only one in the whole litter who looks like a poodle. He’s short and squat with lots of furry hair. Millie has very long legs and short hair. When they play, she’s obviously the more dominant one. The first day we got them together, they were rough housing and she grabbed him by his mouth and dragged him a good foot or two. We have since tried to stop her doing that because my boyfriend thinks it’s not good but my mom thinks it’s just playing. Today, Monty was yipping and she didn’t stop. Is this a red flag and should we be concerned? If so, what do we do? TIA.

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