Pup progressing at night but worsening during the day

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Hi guys, not looking to inundate this sub with more crate issue questions but I have an issue in a similar vein. My 9 week boxer pup Lucy came to us Saturday. We have her in a pen that's been broken down to a smaller size as not to to give her too much room until she grows.

She sleeps in there at night (at the foot of our bed) and the first 3 nights were filled with 4 potty breaks per night and endless crying. Last night we made some slight progress as she was much more calm. So I feel some great progress at night.

But during the work day it's still rough. She loves being around us and cant deal when she isnt. One of us has to stay on the couch with her which isnt a huge problem but I want her to be able to chill alone even for an hour. We've tried things to make her more comfy in the pen in the daytime like place her in there when she falls asleep, giving her treats and playing with her in there.

As I speak right now, shes been put in the pen for an hour and hasn't stopped yelping for 15 seconds to breathe. Should I also feed and water her there? Cover the pen with a blanket? Should i simply force her to be alone for parts of the day until she adjusts?

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