Pup destroys objects in the pressence of my SO and signals aggresion when stopped – need advice

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The background

It is a 13 moths old, male, pure breed German Spaniel (Wachtelhund). It is a dog from working (hunting) lineage – all his ancestors up to his parents were actively hunting and have been selectively bred.

I personaly do not hunt, I do not support hunting or hunting with dogs. My dog is not hunting. I understand his needs and we replace it with with other activities daily. He gets 1 hour in the woods off leash in the morning, where we play tracking games (his favorite), 1 hour in the afternoon where he plays with other dogs in the dog park, 0,5h in the evening before sleep. We also play fetch (various kinds) on our walks and we have few short training sessions at home. Every weekend we spend at countryside, where he gets to swim in the river a lot (he loves it, would not get out of water if he could) and also run around in the fields as much as he wants (as long as he does not go out of my sight).

He is generally a good boy, very friendly and tolerant towards people, dogs and other animals. He doesn't have prey drive – he does not chase cats nor birds, he waggles his tail at occasionaly encountered forest creatures (hedgehogs, squirrels) or country animals (chickens, turkeys, cows). He never bit anyone or any dog, he is not barking or growling at dogs (or people), occasionaly when unknown dog is trying to mount him, then he sometimes growls shortly, but never snaps. He is trained to trade, will happily give to me anything he has, be it a bone, toy, or a thing he occasionally stole (a sock from laundry f.e.). Not so happily to anyone else, but still, he will do it if asked.

Important – The below problem is concerning my SO and other people. If I am at home, or with him alone, even when paying 0 attention to him, he never acts out. If he sometimes does, like sniff around some shoe, It is enough if I calmly say "hey doggy, please don't touch that" he just leaves it without any hesitation. It is like having two dogs in one body – Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde

The problem

My SO is working from home, the specific of the job is that she needs to be at the desk, almost constantly conferenced with the office. Our doggo stays with her, and I leave to work for 8 hours. In the beggining she had some problems with him disturbing her, trying to make her stop working etc. but she sorted it out by timing him out every time he acted out (that means taking him gently by the collar and removing from her office). He seemed to got it, and in general was behaving ok most of the days, sleeping for most of the time and being occupied with bone or toys. From time to time he did something he is not supose to, and my SO asked him to stop, but was not always able to time him out because of the work, I guess he got some ideas from it. At some point he started more frequently playing with objects he is not suposed to – a blanket, a pillow, a shoe (by playing I mean ripping apart, because that is the way he plays). She then timed him out for that (unfortunatelly not consistently, because of work), and it seemed to work to some point. Recently he started to play rough with the furniture, doing minor damage before she was able to time him out. All the above must have beed some set of mistakes on our part, because things went downhill. He started to ressist time outs. Kicking like a mustang when taken by the collar, trying to sneak inside when she tried to close the office (unfortunatelly succeding few times) etc. Couple of weaks forward, and from the beggining of this week, he randomly starts to destroy something at the house and is displaying aggression warning signs when she tries to stop him. He growls and snaps when taken by the collar (not biting… yet). At this point we rearanged the house a bit and denied him access to anything he could destroy and also to my wife's office. Today he is spending the working day alone in the hallway, with himalaya stick and water supply. This is not a long term solution, just a prevention to not make things any worse, until we find solution.

I am aware we f*cked it up big time, I need serious help. Please be brutally honest and help us to fix this!

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