Pup demands way more of my attention than my partner’s — can we rebalance?

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We have a 7.5 month old female red lab. Generally speaking, things have gone well. This week is especially rough because she just got spayed so the normal outlets are unavailable.

I work from home so this makes her pent up energy especially difficult. I was hoping tonight my husband could take care of her while I worked because I couldn’t get as much done today. Given that I work from home she has been a little closer to me but tonight really laid bare just how much she wants me – and only me – to spend time with her.

Setting aside the spay for a moment, can we rebalance this and how? We live in an apartment with other people trapped inside due to COVID so it’s harder to just ignore the barking and getting into my workspace.

(Unrelated: any tips on keeping her occupied during recovery while I’m working would be great. She has a cone and it seems like she’s less willing to lie down in her crate with it on. Wait that out too?)

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