Pup begs and scavenges for food for the entire time at the dog park

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It has been frustrating because my 9mo coton loves playing with other dogs and will get super excited whenever we pass another dog or first enter a dog park, but as soon as he notices a person give a treat to another dog, he becomes OBSESSED with begging for treats. He won’t play with or even acknowledge other dogs; instead, he’ll just go literally person to person and sit in front of them or jump on their legs begging for treats, for the entire hour that we’re there. If any other person gives their dog a treat, he’ll even lick the dirt around that person hoping to eat the crumbs.

He will even follow random people wearing treat pouches as they leave the park. When anyone within a 50ft radius says “come” for their own dog, he’ll go running to them hoping to get a treat. And what’s hard is that some people reward this behavior by giving him a treat before I have the chance to tell them to ignore him. Then to top off the frustration, on the walk home after being at the park for 45 mins having only sniffed the ground and ignored all of the dogs, he’ll lunge trying to greet every dog and have so much pent up energy.

I’m getting the the point where I don’t want to take him to dog parks anymore, even though they used to be such a great source of exercise and socialization for him, because it’s becoming habit for him to beg and scavenge the ground for food, and I have to watch him the entire time telling him to get off of people’s legs or stopping him from eating dirt, or intercepting him before someone gives him a treat.

I don’t know how to have him re-associate dog parks with playing instead of begging/scavenging.

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