Pup (6 months) pees on her pillow

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Hello there,

3 weeks ago, we adopted a 6 months old female Lab mix from a shelter. It's not our first dog and neither the first one we adopted at such a young age. Things are pretty fine so far and we slowly but steady get to know each other every day! We keep the "training lessons" pretty minimal right now and mainly focus on her having social contacts with other dogs daily and time to play, learn about our daily routines and here and there we insert short sections to teach her the basic commands.

Toilet training is going great. It was only in the very first days that she peed on the floor in the house. By talking her for a walk after every meal (or snacks), after she played inside, after she slept or drank water and with a lot of positive enforcement, she seemed to understand very quick.

Theres only one thing we can't really understand so far. We'd like her to sleep in a comfy basket, e.g. accept it as her place to go to relax, a safe zone. We bought a huge pillow that we put in the basket. Thing is, no matter if we went for a walk MINUTES before, she pees onto the pillow. Every single time. We tried a lot to keep her from doing that but we also aren't sure why she even does it. We wash the pillow all the time after she peed on it.

If we wouldn't keep her from doing so, she'd lay down on the pillow after peeing on it. So maybe she tries to "make it hers"? She is interested in the pillow. She proceeds to walk into the basket, turn around and realign the pillow but all the time it ends with her peeing on it.

Right now, she sleeps either on a blanket in our (my wifes and mine) bedroom, or in a soft mobile box in the living room. She never peed on one of those. Does anyone have an idea what's going on her and how we should proceed?

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