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Just what some phone call awful others might call irresistably cute! The Pug has actually kipped down to among one of the most preferred pet dogs in the USA, find out even more regarding this lovable type.


49 thoughts on “Pug | Dogs 101

  1. Vol de Mort

    I know pugs are a lovable breed but c’mon, their breathing is so laboured
    and the folds are infections waiting to happen. Why create a demand for a
    breed that isn’t healthy?

    1. Die Hard

      because some people think that defenslesness is cute so they made this dog
      the omega of all breeds. to prove my point try looking at a growling
      dobberman and think “that’s cute”… can’t do it can you? now see a pug
      trying to bite your toe off even imagining it makes you want to own one.

    2. TheRockyCrowe

      Same. I think breeders should start deliberately mixing them with ‘longer
      faced’ small dogs. Overtime the genes should start fading away and we’ll
      have a new form of ‘pug’ (if they decide to keep that title) that will be
      less susceptible to such problems.

      Mix a pug with a Pomeranian or Pinscher, etc. Something that’s still ‘cute’
      yet healthy. That said, the pugs currently alive still deserve loving homes
      and respect irregardless. I just know that we could definitely reverse
      these ailments with the same process done that created them.

  2. Karen smith

    Why are some people hating on pugs and saying they shouldn’t be bred. God
    made pugs who are you to say that they should go extinct

  3. AyIt'sRainingMeowies

    my neighbors have a pug…
    he was chasing his tail and rubbing his butt and head against the ground

    1. ACorgiInHooman'sClothing

      Use a harness instead- it puts less pressure on their head/neck. It’s a
      simple solution really, and harnesses are 100% better for control and

    1. Ryley Parrett

      Mapple Sample best dog ever definitely get one they are higher then
      chihuahuas on my list and i have both but i still love my chihuahua

  4. Talyn has time

    I can’t believe we as humans bred an animal so that its *wrinkles* would
    make a symbol.

    They’re so adorable but I wish they as a breed didn’t have to suffer so
    much with breathing :(

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