Prong collar increasing confidence?

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Hi everyone! I have a quick question. My trainer seems to think that my randomly aggressive dog is aggressive because he’s not confident. To help fix this issue, she said I need to start by building confidence on my walks with him, by making sure I’m in control (he was a good walker before so I don’t really understand this). She told me the only way to do this was by a prong collar, rather than the nylon harness I used. She is anti-harness and believes they injure dogs. Okay. I’ve been trying the prong collar and don’t really notice a difference. PLUS, I’ve been doing more research and there’s a lot out there that says the prong collars can make some aggressive dogs more aggressive. I’m leaning on the side of disregarding my trainers recommendation and going back to the harness. Does it make sense that a prong collar would increase my dogs confidence? I think it’s weird.

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