Problems showing a few months after we adopted a Chinese Crested

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Hey everyone!

A few months ago we adopted a 2 year old Chinese Crested. Things have gone pretty smoothly with regards to the process of us getting our boy. He used to be a country dog, and has been getting used to living closer to the city. Things like the bus and tram made him nervous at first, but he has learned to master this new environment fairly well.

He was never crate trained, and my partner and I have been having him sleep in our bed since the day we got him. This has been working out nicely up until about a week ago. We keep the same schedule and in addition to multiple walks during the day, we take him out for our last walk of the night at around midnight. This past week we've noticed that he has had smaller or larger pee accidents when we get up around 8.30.

One thing I notice, around 1-2 am he will get up and drink quite a bit of water. This water is available to him all day, but he seems to not really drink much during the day.

A couple things to note, he is not neutered yet – but this is certainly our plan going forward anyways. We feel like the spring time has kicked his body into overdrive and where he was an absolute angel walking on a leash right after we got him – he now pulls very hard to pee on most things when we are out walking. He has separation anxiety, but that is a matter of training for later. He's never been left alone for more then twenty minutes since we got him and he went crazy with barking, which he never ever does in any other situation.

We're planning on taking a trip to the vet again, but we were there about 6 weeks ago for a checkup and there was nothing wrong at that time.

Could this new peeing behaviour be related to his spring time urges messing with his hormones? Should we remove his water bowl after the midnight walk to reduce the amount of liquid he intakes at night? Any tips or experiences are greatly appreciated!

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