Prob a Stupid Question? Potty Training when Left Alone

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We have a now 5.5 month old Aussie Mix whose doing really well being left alone (a lot better than when we first brought her home two months ago) and she's impressing us with her potty training! She now tells us when she has to go out, and we can ask "do you need to go potty" and she does this little bark 🙂 She typically lets us know she needs to go out every 2-3 hours, unless she's sleeping of course. At night she's ~usually~ sleeping a full 7 hours now.

So here's my dumb question — is it bad we're still taking her out every two hours? Is this going to affect when we leave her alone for longer than two hours or will she know the difference?

I work from home so we typically only leave her alone on weekends or when I have to run errands/go to a meeting. Right now, the longest we have left is under 4 hours (only a potty accident once so far). I just feel like at this age, she should be holding it longer and not asking to go out so often…but maybe it's because she knows I'm here so it's "why hold it when mom can take me out" type of attitude? #halp

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