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My partners dog is 2 years old and was an inside dog for a short amount of time as a pup and never finished her toilet training. She was living at his parents house until 4 days ago as we were reluctant to take her since we live on a high speed road and don't have fences. During that time she was living outside so we have had to start her toilet training all over again and while she readily pees outside there have consistently been 2 poops per day in the house. Partner takes her out to do her business around 7:30am, i wake about 8:30-9:30 most days and take her out again as soon as I wake up and then about 6 or so more times throughout the day including just before bed when she is shut in our room for the night. Yesterday she peed outside when my partner took her out in the morning but I woke up to a poop beside her bed (which I thought they didn't do?) I think she has only pooped like 3 times outside since getting here. We praise her a lot for doing the right thing and some parts of training she has picked up on like not running out the door without her lead but this has just been quite difficult. Any tips?

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